Publicaties niet-medicamenteuze behandelingen

Non-pharmacological treatments – Publication updates

Hier vindt u publicaties over niet-medicamenteuze behandelingen.

Deze informatie wordt geregeld aangevuld met nieuwe publicaties en commentaren door professionals, ingedeeld naar de aard van de behandeling.

De aangeboden informatie maakt deel uit van een Engelstalige nieuwsbrief, waarvan u hieronder de tekst kunt lezen:

Introduction regarding the publications

The Epilepsy Association of the Netherlands (Epilepsie Vereniging Nederland or EVN in Dutch) is a national patient advocacy organization. The goal of the EVN is to improve the quality of life for people with epilepsy and their families and friends. An optimal treatment of epileptic seizures is of great importance with this. The EVN is of course not an organization that gives people medical treatments, but sees some duties for itself which may effect the result of the professional treatment. Offering information to people with epilepsy or to parents with a child who has epilepsy is an example of this. A patient who is well informed could even, together with the medical practitioner, be of great importance for the results to be obtained. Not only well-informed patients are important, but also medical practitioners who have up-to-date knowledge about the developments of treatments. The EVN would like to play a part in this.

Especially in the field of providing information about the non-pharmacological treatments, the EVN sees possibilities to serve professionals in epilepsy care. We aim at: Epilepsy Surgery, Vagus Nerve Stimulation, the Ketogenic diet and Deep Brain Stimulation. The EVN started collaboration with Prof Van Nieuwenhuizen, an emeritus professor of pediatric neurology. He has been found willing to create a monthly ‘publication update’ from scientific articles about non-pharmacological treatments in epilepsy. We would like to start with information about the development of VNS as treatment for example epilepsy with regard to Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS). It will not be censored and all articles offered through PubMed are passed in review. Every month, two to three publications will be thoroughly discussed by Prof Van Nieuwenhuizen.  Here you can find his CV and publication list.

Download his CV and Publication list

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